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martedì 1 marzo 2016

Little Inside - Writing

Writing is the way I speak about myself to myself.
To tell stories, move me and get excited for the adventures that I've lived or that I'll never live.
This is the place where I'm free to listen to my wishes.

Scrivere è il modo che ho di parlare di me stesso a me stesso.
Di raccontarmi storie, emozionarmi ed entusiasmarmi per avventure che ho vissuto o che non vivrò mai.
E' il luogo in cui sono libera di ascoltare i miei desideri.


Little Inside - Photography

You could usually  think that the main feature of  "PASSION" is intense as short transportation.
It's able to cloud reason and tickle the instinct, self-sustaining as running out in little time.

If even one of these passions were to remain for a lifetime?
Suddenly it blooms. It exists and is there, climbing over obstacles each day, fears and failures, taking us as a faithful friend.

"Little Inside"  is the story of six people, who tell about their passions and their free, expressive world inside.